They work hard, they enjoy life, they make plans for the future. When the children dug a hole in the gravel-pit, they were very surprised at what they found. But in the years to come he meets Lorna Doone, with her lovely smile and big dark eyes. The Duke is a very important person, and Dr Huxtable is happy to have his son in the school. This famous book has made people laugh all over the world for a hundred years.

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This award-winning collection of adapted classic literature and original stories английсктм reading skills for low-beginning through advanced students. Introductions at the beginning of each story, illustrations throughout, and glossaries help build comprehension. Before, during, and after reading activities included in the back of each book strengthen student comprehension. Audio versions of selected titles provide great models of intonation and pronunciation of difficult words.

Research shows that the more you read, the better your English language ross. Reading in English improves your listening, speaking, reading, writing, pronunciation, fluency and confidence.

Oxford Bookworms Language Syllabus. Getting your students to use their dictionaries effectively. Which is better, a bilingual dictionary, or a Learner Dictionary?

The short answer is neither, and both. Bilingual and Learner Dictionaries should not been seen as competitors, but as complementary to each other. Both types of dictionary have their place in the larger picture of language learning.

However, in order to learn the language well, eventually the student has to work английйском the language, not from outside it.

Thus students have to eventually get used аудиопнига Learner Dictionaries and not depend on bilingual dictionaries.

(Аудио) книги — Enjoy English

There are several reasons why students should upgrade from a bilingual dictionary to a Learner Dictionary when they are ready. The students will be practising English as they use their dictionaries. Language researchers say that because more mental effort is needed to use Learner Dictionaries, there is a better адаптировмнная that information will be retained and have a lasting effect.

All words exist within relationships of other words and by using a Rde Dictionary, the students will be meeting these word relationships and building their passive vocabulary. Many words cannot be translated easily. Recommended dictionary use by proficiency level. Beginner — Bilingual dictionary mainly Make the students feel comfortable with the bilingual dictionary, but not dependent on it.

Адоптированная Elementary to Lower Intermediate — Use the bilingual dictionary first, and check by looking in the Learner Dictionary Introduce a Learner Dictionary slowly so as адааптированная to overload the student. Lower Intermediate to Intermediate — Use the Learner Dictionary first, and check by looking in the bilingual dictionary, if necessary Make the students comfortable with a Learner Dictionary.

High Intermediate — Learner Dictionary mostly Ensure that the use of a Learner Dictionary is successful most of the time. I want res meet her. And then one rainy day. Sally аудиокниига always running — and she has her phone with her all the time: But then one afternoon suddenly she has a different phone. From his office, and in the store, Mark watches them. And when they leave the store, he forgets them. Then one day a girl with red hair comes to the store, and everything changes for Mark. The guard looks ра the gun and hands over the адапированная.


Is she the robber? The police use TV cameras but it is not easy because there are so many suspects — who is the robber? How do you get a licence if you want to keep a monkey? What can you do if your wife has a lover? How can you see into the future? Where can you go for an exciting but cheap holiday somewhere hot and far away? How can you persuade your girlfriend or boyfriend to marry you? The characters in these six original short plays are looking for answers to these questions.

While trying to solve their problems, people get into some very funny situations. Each play gives an amusing view of life today, and there is often an unexpected ending.

After the wedding, there was a party, and people gave presents to the bride and groom. But some things do.

And different things happen in different places. Welcome to the wonderful world of weddings! Sara Crewe is a very rich little girl. Then he goes back to his work in India. Sara is very sad at first, but she soon makes friends at school. But on her eleventh birthday, something terrible happens, and now Аудионкига has no family, no home, and not a penny in the world. Tom Walsh had a lot to learn about life.

He liked travelling, and he was in no hurry. He liked meeting people, anyone and everyone. He liked the two American girls on the train. They were nice and very friendly. They knew a lot of places.

Tom thought they were fun. английсклм

Как работать с адаптированными аудиокнигами?

Tom certainly had a lot to learn about life. This is a collection of short stories about adventures on trains. Strange, wonderful, and frightening things can happen on trains — and all of them happen here. There are strange, surprising, and sometimes horrible stories in these files, but not many people know about them. You never read about them in the newspapers. They think fast, they move fast, and they learn some very strange things. It isin the Opera House in Paris.

Everybody is talking about the Phantom of the Opera, the ghost that lives somewhere under the Opera House. The Phantom is a man in black clothes. He is a body without a head, he is a head without a body.


He has a yellow face, he has no nose, he has black holes for eyes. Everybody is afraid of the Phantom — the singers, the dancers, the directors, the stage workers. But who has actually seen him? The President is dead! A man is running in the night.

He is afraid and needs to rest. But there are people behind him — people with lights, and dogs, and guns. A man is standing in front of a desk. His boss is very angry, and the man is tired and needs to sleep. But first he must find the other man, and bring him back — dead or alive.

Which will win and which will lose? Long live the President!

Навигация по записям

Nick is happy to sit and talk with her. Why does she give him a big kiss when she leaves? And who is the man at the next table — the man with short white hair? Nick learns the answers to these questions three long days later — in a police station on Vancouver Island.

Come with us to London — a city as old as the Romans, and as new as the twenty-first century. And things to do английспом ride on адуиокнига London Eye, visit the markets, go to the theatre, run in the London Marathon.

Some sisters are good friends, some are not. Sometimes there is more hate in a family than there is love. Karin is beautiful and has lots of men friends, but she can be very unkind to her sister Marcia. Perhaps when they were small, there was love between them, but that was a long time ago. They say that everybody has one crime in them.

Lindop Christine. Red Roses

Perhaps they only take an umbrella that does not belong to them. Perhaps they steal from a shop, perhaps they get angry and hit someone, perhaps they kill. In a house in Oxford three people are having breakfast — Carol, her husband Jan, and his father Josef. They are talking about Prague, because Carol wants them all to go there for Christmas. Josef was born in Prague, but he left his home city when he was a young man.

He is an old man now, and he would like to see Prague again before he dies. But he is afraid. He still remembers another Christmas in Prague, many long years ago — a Christmas that changed his life for ever. In a city in Arabia there lives a boy called Aladdin.